About us

        Company Overview

        Cerfe Labs is excited to announce its spinout from Arm Research, effective October 1st, 2020. Cerfe Labs’ technology is the result of a 5-year research program to create new types of memory capable of very low cost at advanced nodes and beyond. Cerfe Labs will have all the benefits of a very experienced team and a comprehensive IP portfolio combined with the agility and focus of a startup.


        The Cerfe Labs team consists of researchers from Arm’s emerging memory research program and key members of the group’s technical and management team, including the VP of Research and an Arm Research fellow. Most of the team has been working together for many years and share a common culture and focus on the application of new technology that will solve practical problems facing the industry.

        IP Portfolio

        Cerfe Labs technology includes a Strongly Correlated Electron(Ce) switch based on electron orbital interactions that is ultra-low cost and capable of scaling to advanced nodes without compromising on speed or power. This is the first application of this technology targeted at commercial use. Due to the novelty of the device, Cerfe Labs has a very comprehensive IP portfolio consisting of over 150 US patents as of Oct 1, 2020.

        Research Partnership

        Cerfe Labs maintains a close partnership with Symetrix corporation. Symetrix is led by Prof. Carlos Paz de Araújo, a professor at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. He has previously brought novel ferroelectric memory technology to market (Symetrix and Ramtron, with technology still in use today, including the Japan SUICA rail cards), and continues to focus on the invention of novel materials that have an impact in the microelectronics industry.

        The Team

        Eric Hennenhoefer

        Co-founder | CEO

        Eric is a technology entrepreneur with a background in microprocessor design and verification. Eric joined Arm as the CEO/Co-Founder of an Arm acquisition and departed as the CEO/Co-Founder of an Arm backed spinout, Cerfe Labs, Inc.

        Greg Yeric

        Co-founder | CTO

        Greg spent the previous 12 years at Arm as a technology expert, with an emphasis to the challenges and opportunities posed by disruptive technology to design.

        Kim Asal

        Co-founder | VP of Operations

        Kim is an experienced manager with a background in both hardware and software design. In her role as a member of Arm Research’s leadership team, she was responsible for establishing and managing group operations, program management, and government contracting.

        Lucian Shifren

        Co-founder | VP of Research

        Lucian is a device physics researcher focusing on new materials, devices and industry/academic collaborations needed for the post-Moore era.