Sept 2022

        Cerfe Labs awarded USD 1.15 M Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract by the Department of Energy

        Aug 2022

        Greg Yeric will be giving the talk 'CeRAM: A Scalable, Fast, Low-power, Extreme Temperature NVM' on Aug 3

        May 2022

        At the international memory workshop (IMW) 2022, Dr. Saurabh Suryavanshi (Principal Research Engineer at Cerfe Labs) will be presenting our latest results on harsh environment including operation exceeding 200 C and gamma radiation immunity of > 1 Mrad. We are in Session 3.

        April 2022

        Cerfe Labs’ first journal publication titled “Universal non-polar switching in carbon-doped transition metal oxides (TMOs) and post TMOs” is now available for free at APL materials (10, 040904 (2022) doi: 10.1063/5.0073513). We demonstrated extensive characterization of CeRAM devices including extreme temperature operation (1.5 K to 150 C) and band structure measurements to support the working of CeRAM. Our results also include array level characterization of integrated sub-50 nm CeRAM cells.

        March 2022

        We're looking forward to presenting CeRAM at GOMACTech in March. GOMACTech, the DoD's microelectronics conference, started in 1968 and has covered some major advances over the years. Spoiler alert: we're going to update our abstract from 150 C operation to 200 C, which we've verified at two independent labs. We're in Session 18, paper 18.1

        November 2021

        The NASA iTech program has selected Cerfe Labs as one of 10 companies for their 2021 Cycle II Forum next month. Cerfe Labs' CTO Greg Yeric will present in person to the forum.

        November 2021

        We're happy to be a contributor to this whitepaper, and we'd like to thank MITRE Engenuity for reaching out to microelectronics startup companies, to make sure that opinions from companies like ours are part of the guidance for the formation of the National Science and Technology Center (NSTC). There is a link to download the whitepaper in the article.

        October 2021

        Cerfe Labs awarded Department of Energy Phase I Small Business Innovation Research contract, exceeds $1M in SBIR contracts in the first year

        September 2021

        Cerfe Labs awarded Department of Defense Phase II Small Business Innovation Research contract to study CeRAM for radio frequency applications

        June 2021

        Cerfe Labs began disclosing very promising initial device results from our ferroelectric memory technology research work to our contacts in the commercial microelectronics world. The well-connected Peter Clarke picked up this activity for an article at eeNews Analog. This blog post adds additional background on ferroelectric memory and why we are excited about the potential of this technology.

        April 2021

        Dr. Yeric will discuss why the world needs new memories, why materials innovation is important to this effort, and how the semiconductor industry can accelerate this effort. Additionally he will discuss Cerfe Labs' memory technologies in this light. (Title: Materials to memory: why and how)

        October 2020

        Arm Spinout Reveals Correlated-Electron Memory Plans

        October 2020

        October 2020 Press

        October 2020

        Press Release: Arm spins-out Cerfe Labs to advance development of CeRAM memory technology

        August 2020

        Wendy Elasser from Arm Research presents at DARPA’s Electronics Resurgence Initiative (ERI) discusses CeRAM (check back for link to the talk. We’ll include as ERI materials are put online)

        July 2020

        Then Arm Fellow and now Cerfe Labs CTO Greg Yeric presented a SKY talk at this year's Design Automation title “Design and Manufacturing in 2030”. As DAC was (pre-COVID) scheduled to co-locate with SEMICON West this year, Dr. Yeric discussed technology trends that require the combined efforts of the two fields in order to progress towards 2030. He discussed molecular self-assembly and also two example projects at Arm Research: flexible substrate AI chips and Correlated Electron Memory technology.

        December 2018

        CeRAM presented at ERI FRANC proposer’s day. Previously a Distinguished Engineer at Arm and now Cerfe Lab’s VP of Research Lu Shifren presented the CeRAM technology that was awarded research funding by DARPA’s ERI “FRANC” program (Foundations Requires for Novel Compute). CeRAM’s Multi-Level Cell (MLC) capability enabled “Beyond von Neumann” type analog neuromorphic computing, a focus of the FRANC program.

        October 2018

        Arm’s Greg Yeric on memory, logic, and making it

        July 2018

        Applied, Symetrix and Arm win DARPA contract to develop a neuromorphic switch based on Correlated Electron switches

        January 2017

        Arm invests in CeRAM memory technology

        February 2014

        CeRAM gains Arm’s attention

        August 2013

        Academic Tips Non-Filamentary ReRAM