Eric Hennenhoefer, Co-founder | CEO

        Eric is a technology entrepreneur with a background in microprocessor design and verification. Eric joined Arm as the CEO/Co-Founder of an Arm acquisition and departed as the CEO/Co-Founder of an Arm backed spinout, Cerfe Labs, Inc.

        While at Arm, Eric had a range of engineering, management, and commercial roles. At the end of his acquisition earnout, Eric was recruited by Arm’s CTO to run Arm Research. As VP of Arm Research, Eric oversaw a wide range of technology projects and worked closely with commercial partners to understand their future needs, and then aligned them strategic research partners such as DARPA.

        On Oct 1st, 2020 Eric lead a spinout of Arm Research’s emerging memory team into an Arm backed startup company, Cerfe Labs.

        Prior to Arm, Eric co-founded Obsidian Software which was the leading provider of verification technology and software used in the design of microprocessors. This technology continues to be widely used by CPU design teams today. Before Obsidian, Eric worked at both IBM and AMD on leading-edge microprocessor designs.

        Eric’s been involved with a wide range of entrepreneurial activities since moving to Austin in 1995. In addition to serving as President of the Austin Chapter and Texas Region of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), he’s been involved with a wide range of Austin groups. Eric enjoys engaging with entrepreneurs and is an active partner and mentor at Capital Factory.