Greg Yeric, Ph. D., Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer

        Greg spent the previous 12 years at Arm as a technology expert, with an emphasis on the challenges and opportunities posed by disruptive technology to design. Greg is active in the technology-design ecosystem, from university collaboration and lectures, to conference TPCs to consortia. Greg has been a frequent author and speaker in design-technology conferences, including DAC, SPIE, VLSI, CICC, ESSDRC, and IEDM. Greg has also been a member of the Microelectronics Exploratory Council for DARPA’s Microsystems Technology Office since 2017, including the last year as chair.

        Greg is excited for the opportunity to focus back towards his roots, which includes a Ph.D. from The University of Texas where he manufactured a novel MOSFET from scratch (but first he had to build a full lab to make it), followed by a few years at Motorola’s Advanced Products Research and Development Labs (APRDL) in the area of embedded flash NVM process integration and qualification for automotive microcontrollers, and then a two-acquisition arc in the area of test chips, technology development and yield improvement, beginning with the startup TestChip Technologies, which was acquired by HPL Technologies (where he rose to CTO), which was then acquired by Synopsys.

        At Arm, Greg enjoyed the privilege of canvassing a wide range of novel technologies and believes the lab-proven correlated electron switches from this research program present a rare opportunity to enable a fundamentally disruptive technology than can have long-lasting impact on the microelectronics industry.